Episode 073 – Conversation with developer Phillip Woytowitz, currently making Olliefrog Toad Skater

Hey, Link here, thanks for joining me for episode 73 where I speak with Phillip Woytowitz, also known as Mr.Thee, developer of the upcoming game Olliefrog Toad Skater. We talk about the staples such as Olliefrog Toad Skater, how he got started in the industry and some words of wisdom; The game that made him want to get into development; His favorite game; As well as things as he does outside of gaming. Outside of the staples though, we talk about the rise of frogs in video games, smash bros and games like smash bros, as well as games that smash bros influences can be seen in.

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0:00 Start

11:30 How Philip got into making games and some words of wisdom

22:45 The game that made Phillip want to be a dev

26:15 Phillips favorite game

34:00 On the topic of Smash Bros Melee

44:00 What Phillip does outside of gaming and developing

48:00 Where to find Phillip and the wrap up

Check Phillip out on Twitter at https://twitter.com/PhillipWitz

Check Phillip out on Bluesky at https://bsky.app/profile/mrthee.bsky.social

Check out Ollie Frog Toad Skater on TikTok at https://www.tiktok.com/@olliefrogtoadskater

You can also check out the Kickstarter via https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mrthee/olliefrog-toad-skater

Wishlist on Steam at https://store.steampowered.com/app/2005910/Olliefrog_Toad_Skater/

Episode 072 – Conversation with SizeFive Games founder Dan Marshall

Hey, Link here, thanks for joining me on episode 72 where I speak with Dan Marshall, founder of Size Five Games. Dan answers the staples like how he got into making games, his childhood favorites, and also talks about how to bully a Valve employee into getting your game onto Steam, the genres that influenced him, and things he enjoys outside of gaming like screwing off to the seaside to relax!

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0:00 – Start

6:00 – How he got into making games and words of wisdom from his experiences

12:30 – Games/Genres that made him want to get into making games

19:00 – Childhood games that he feels don’t hold up

25:00 – Games that Dan doesn’t feel get enough credit

32:00 – Favorite recent trends in games

37:15 – What Dan does outside of games

42:00 Where you can find more info about Dan

44:30 Current comfort game

53:30 Wrap up

Check Dan out on Twitter at https://twitter.com/danthat

Check Dan out on Bluesky at https://bsky.app/profile/danthat.bsky.social

Check Size Five Games website out at https://www.sizefivegames.com/

Check out the game catalogue on Steam at https://store.steampowered.com/publisher/sizefive

Episode 071 with Pixel Art Artist Matt Martinez

In this episode I speak with Pixel Art Artist that has contributed to Vernal Edge and Pseudoregalia, Matt Martinez

0:00 Introductions

7:30 How Matt got started making games and wisdom they can share from their experiences

15:30 The game that made Matt want to work in the industry

21:30 Favorite Games

46:15 Game that doesn’t get enough credit

53:30 Game that Matt feels didn’t age well

1:03:00 Where to find more info and the wrap

Check out the Vernal Edge discord at https://discord.com/invite/TgdZcyY

Check Matt out on Twitter at https://twitter.com/HyMyNameIsMatt

Episode 70 with game programmer Robert N Brown

In this episode I speak with game director and lead developer on the upcoming Kingpin Reloaded Robert N Brown

0:00 Start

9:30 How and why Robert got into game development

16:00 Words of Wisdom

22:00 Game that made Robert want to make games

39:30 Favorite games and why

56:15 What Robert does outside of Games

01:12:30 Where to find more info about Robert and Kingpin Reloaded

For more info about Robert’s other projects, check out http://www.CaptainDeath.Com

For more info about the upcoming Kingpin Reloaded, check out the Steam page at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1224700/Kingpin_Reloaded/

Check out Slipgate Ironworks on Twitter at https://twitter.com/SlipgateIron

Check out the games publishers, 3D Realms at https://twitter.com/3DRealms and Interplay at https://twitter.com/InterplayGames

Episode 069 – Conversation with Voice Actor Gianni Matragrano

In this episode I speak with Gianni Matragrano, voice actor who has contributed to numerous anime titles, video games, and boom shoots

0:00 – Introductions/Who Gianni is and how he got into VA

16:30 – Words of wisdom from experience

26:15 – What Gianni enjoys about games and which games he enjoys

31:15 – Most enjoyed boom shoot

53:15 – What Gianni enjoys outside of games

01:12:30 – Closing time

Find out how to Get Gianni via https://www.getgianni.com/

Check Gianni out on Twitter via https://twitter.com/GetGianni

Check out Gianni on Twitch via https://www.twitch.tv/GetGianni

Check out his main Youtube via https://www.youtube.com/GianniMatragrano

Episode 068 – Conversation with 3D Character Artist Rui-Rou Teo

In this episode I speak with Rui-Rou Teo, 3D Character Artist at Riot Games

0:00 Start

9:00 How Rui got into the industry and words of wisdom from her experiences

15:00 Games that made Rui want to be in the industry

38:00 Favorite Games

45:30 Hobbies outside of gaming

56:00 Where to find Rui and wrapping up

Check Rui out on Twitter at https://twitter.com/rui_rou

Check out Rui’s art station at https://ruirou.artstation.com/

Check out Rui’s instagram at https://www.instagram.com/reyruo

Episode 067 – Conversation with Game Designer Vitor Malcher

In this episode I speak with Vitor Malcher, Game Designer at Digital Extremes, previously contributing to the unreleased title Mahou Senshi Cosplay Club, and Out of Space from Behold Studios.

0:00 Intro

9:00 How Vitor got into making games

16:00 Words of wisdom from their experience

21:00 The game(s) that made Vitor want to make games

34:30 How they enjoy gaming now

44:45 Hobbies outside of making and playing games

52:30 Games they’d like to make with no restraints

58:00 Restaurant recommendation for Toronto

1:00:00 Favorite Game and wrap up

1:05:00 Pop question

Check Vitor out on Twitter at https://twitter.com/VHMalcher

Want to talk directly with Vitor? Catch him on Discord via vitormalcher

Episode 066 – Conversation with game developer Rami Ismail

In this episode I speak with Rami Ismail, co-founder at Vlambeer, game developer consultant, one-third of The Habibis podcast, and PressKit maintainer

0:00 Intro

15:00 How Rami got into making games

24:00 Words of wisdom from his experiences

27:00 Games that made them get into development

30:00 Favorite games

43:00 How they enjoy gaming now

48:00 Life outside of gaming

55:45 Where to find and wrapping up

To follow Rami check out https://www.ramiismail.com/ to get easy access to everywhere they are

Check out Rami’s mom on Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/momvsffxv

Episode 065 – Conversation with Ben Reichstein

In this episode I speak with Ben Reichstein, sound designer that has contributed to projects like Stellar Valkyrie, Call of Saregnar, Combustion, and Skywind

0:00 Start

06:00 Who is Ben and what is foley work

15:00 How Ben got into working with games

23:00 Words of wisdom to impart

29:00 Favorite game and the game that got Ben into the industry

37:00 Games that Ben feels didn’t get enough credit

46:00 Game to make given absolute freedom

49:30 Audio & VR

01:02:00 Hobbies outside of games

01:05:00 That’s a wrap

Check out Ben on Twitter at https://twitter.com/BenReichstein

Check out Field and Foley on Twitter at https://twitter.com/FieldAndFoley

Check out Call of Saregnar on Twitter at https://twitter.com/CallOfSaregnar

Check out Combustion via https://twitter.com/LNorwegians or https://store.steampowered.com/app/2145090/Combustion/

Episode 64 – Conversation with Bruno Briseno, Artist and Animator

In this episode I speak with Bruno Briseno, an artist and animator that has contributed to several games such as Chroma Squad, Out of Space, Galaxy of Pen and Paper and Jet Lancer

0:00 Introductions

16:00 How Bruno got into making games

21:30 Words of wisdom from his experiences

30:45 The games that inspired Bruno to get into the industry

38:30 Favorite game(s)

51:30 Talking trends

56:45 Hobbies outside of gaming

01:14:00 Wrap up

Check Bruno out on Twitter at https://twitter.com/brunobriseno