Episode 075 – Conversation with Audi Sorlie & Seth Fulkerson; Making Arzette Jewel of Faramore

Hey Link here, thanks for joining me for episode 75 where I speak with both Audi Sorlie and Seth Fulkerson, who are both working on Arzette The Jewel of Faramore. We talk about the staples such as how both Audi and Seth got into the industry and some words of wisdom they can share, their favorite video games, games that don’t get enough credit, and what makes gaming enjoyable. We also talk about the upcoming Arzette, why they enjoy the CD-I, and bad old movies.

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0:00 Intro

8:15 Talking Arzette

15:00 How Limited Run Games got involved with Arzette

26:30 How Seth got into making games

33:30 Shared words of wisdom

37:30 How Audi got into the industry

46:30 Why they like Zelda CD-I and the CD-I itself

57:30 Talking bad movies

01:03:30 Talking fave video games

01:12:30 Games that don’t get enough credit

01:24:30 What makes gaming enjoyable

01:33:30 Closing time

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