The Red Tunic Podcast is a podcast for those that have fallen out of love with video games; for those that have grown cynical and lost the enjoyment that they once had.

I aim to fix those feelings by talking to anyone that is willing to talk with me about what it is that makes video games enjoyable to them in hopes of being reminded about what makes them special.

Hopefully further protecting myself from the cynicism and toxicity that has already taken hold.


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Episode 38 – Conversation with Rubeki, creator of upcoming Lorn's Lure The Red Tunic Podcast

  1. Episode 38 – Conversation with Rubeki, creator of upcoming Lorn's Lure
  2. Episode 37 – Conversation with David Bocek, Sr.Game Designer at Gravity Well, prev Apex Legends and Destiny 2
  3. Episode 36 – Aaron Clark, co-founder Glovebox Games, creators of Beard Blade
  4. Episode 35 – Conversation with Bruno Beaudoin, creator of Nightmare Reaper at Blazing Bit Games
  5. Episode 34 – Conversation with Anton Hand, VR Dev at Rust LTD, creative lead of Hot Dogs, Horsehoes & Hand Grenades

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