Episode 068 – Conversation with 3D Character Artist Rui-Rou Teo

In this episode I speak with Rui-Rou Teo, 3D Character Artist at Riot Games

0:00 Start

9:00 How Rui got into the industry and words of wisdom from her experiences

15:00 Games that made Rui want to be in the industry

38:00 Favorite Games

45:30 Hobbies outside of gaming

56:00 Where to find Rui and wrapping up

Check Rui out on Twitter at https://twitter.com/rui_rou

Check out Rui’s art station at https://ruirou.artstation.com/

Check out Rui’s instagram at https://www.instagram.com/reyruo

Episode 067 – Conversation with Game Designer Vitor Malcher

In this episode I speak with Vitor Malcher, Game Designer at Digital Extremes, previously contributing to the unreleased title Mahou Senshi Cosplay Club, and Out of Space from Behold Studios.

0:00 Intro

9:00 How Vitor got into making games

16:00 Words of wisdom from their experience

21:00 The game(s) that made Vitor want to make games

34:30 How they enjoy gaming now

44:45 Hobbies outside of making and playing games

52:30 Games they’d like to make with no restraints

58:00 Restaurant recommendation for Toronto

1:00:00 Favorite Game and wrap up

1:05:00 Pop question

Check Vitor out on Twitter at https://twitter.com/VHMalcher

Want to talk directly with Vitor? Catch him on Discord via vitormalcher

Episode 066 – Conversation with game developer Rami Ismail

In this episode I speak with Rami Ismail, co-founder at Vlambeer, game developer consultant, one-third of The Habibis podcast, and PressKit maintainer

0:00 Intro

15:00 How Rami got into making games

24:00 Words of wisdom from his experiences

27:00 Games that made them get into development

30:00 Favorite games

43:00 How they enjoy gaming now

48:00 Life outside of gaming

55:45 Where to find and wrapping up

To follow Rami check out https://www.ramiismail.com/ to get easy access to everywhere they are

Check out Rami’s mom on Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/momvsffxv

Episode 065 – Conversation with Ben Reichstein

In this episode I speak with Ben Reichstein, sound designer that has contributed to projects like Stellar Valkyrie, Call of Saregnar, Combustion, and Skywind

0:00 Start

06:00 Who is Ben and what is foley work

15:00 How Ben got into working with games

23:00 Words of wisdom to impart

29:00 Favorite game and the game that got Ben into the industry

37:00 Games that Ben feels didn’t get enough credit

46:00 Game to make given absolute freedom

49:30 Audio & VR

01:02:00 Hobbies outside of games

01:05:00 That’s a wrap

Check out Ben on Twitter at https://twitter.com/BenReichstein

Check out Field and Foley on Twitter at https://twitter.com/FieldAndFoley

Check out Call of Saregnar on Twitter at https://twitter.com/CallOfSaregnar

Check out Combustion via https://twitter.com/LNorwegians or https://store.steampowered.com/app/2145090/Combustion/

Episode 64 – Conversation with Bruno Briseno, Artist and Animator

In this episode I speak with Bruno Briseno, an artist and animator that has contributed to several games such as Chroma Squad, Out of Space, Galaxy of Pen and Paper and Jet Lancer

0:00 Introductions

16:00 How Bruno got into making games

21:30 Words of wisdom from his experiences

30:45 The games that inspired Bruno to get into the industry

38:30 Favorite game(s)

51:30 Talking trends

56:45 Hobbies outside of gaming

01:14:00 Wrap up

Check Bruno out on Twitter at https://twitter.com/brunobriseno

Episode 063 – Conversation with Sam Prebble, Maker of Turbo Overkill

In this episode I speak with Sam Prebble developer at Trigger Happy Interactive, maker of Turbo Overkill

0:00 Start

8:30 How Sam got into development

16:00 Words of wisdom from experiences

22:30 Game that made Sam want to get into development

24:30 Why its Doom

27:30 Parental failings

34:45 Favorite game and why

39:00 On the topic of Stalker

47:15 Hobbies outside of games

58:00 Where to find more info about Turbo Overkill and Sam

1:01:30 Chainsaw Man?

1:06:00 Wrap up

Check out Turbo Overkill on Steam at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1328350/Turbo_Overkill/

Join the Discord at https://discord.com/invite/22xvVZg

Follow Sam and Turbo Overkill on Twitter at https://twitter.com/turbo_overkill

Episode 62 – Conversation with Roth Cardona, Technical Director at Vaporware Limited.

Today I speak with Roth Cardona, Technical Director at Vaporware Limited, currently working on Beyond Sunset

0:00 Introductions

3:45 How Roth got into development

8:30 Wisdom Roth can share from his experiences

18:30 On the topic of GZDoom

37:30 The game that made Roth want to be a developer

42:30 Roth’s favorite game(s) and how he met his wife

47:00 Nostalgia for a game that didn’t age well

51:00 Hobbies outside of games (Its mostly keyboards!)

1:23:30 Parting words and wrapping up

1:28:45 Closing time

Check out Beyond Sunset on Twitter at https://twitter.com/sunset_city_rpg

Check out Beyond Sunset on Steam at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1665260/Beyond_Sunset/

Support Beyond Sunset via Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/beyondsunset

At Roth’s suggestions check out these games –

Netstorm Islands At War

Interstate 76


Sentinels of the Multiverse

Red Rogue

Episode 61 – A conversation with Philip Tibitoski; Co-Founder & President at Young Horses

In this episode I speak with Philip Tibitoski, co-founder and president at Young Horses developers of the Octodad series and Bugsnax

0:00 Intro

14:30 How Philip got into making games

21:30 Words of wisdom

28:30 Why Ocarina of Time got him into making games

35:30 Favorite games

43:40 Concept of game-feel

46:30 Hobbies outside of games

55:00 Last words and where to find Philip

Find out where you can get Bugsnax at https://bugsnax.com/

Find out where you can get Octodad at https://octodad.com/

Check out Young Horses on Twitter at https://twitter.com/YoungHorses

Follow Philip on Twitter at https://twitter.com/PTibz

Episode 60 – Conversation with Frederik Strom. Developer of Combustion

In this episode I speak with Frederik Strom, developer of upcoming Combustion being published by 3D Realms

0:00 Start

17:30 How Fred got into making games

29:30 Words of wisdom and advice

40:00 Game that made Fred want to make games

50:00 What makes gaming enjoyable to Fred

01:08:30 Hobbies outside of gaming

01:24:00 Wrap up

Check out Fred on Twitter at https://twitter.com/LNorwegians

Check out Slipgate Ironworks on Twitter at https://twitter.com/SlipgateIron

Check Combustion out on Steam at https://store.steampowered.com/app/2145090/Combustion/

Join the Combustion Discord at https://discord.com/invite/Njy3r3b

Episode 59 – Conversation with Ty Brannan, marketing assistant 3D Realms & Slipgate Ironworks, Producer Call of Saregnar, Stellar Valkyrie, Event Coordinator Realms Deep

In this episode of the Red Tunic Podcast I speak with Ty Brannan marketing assistant for 3D Realms, and Slipgate Ironworks, Producer on Call of Saregnar, Stellar Valkyrie and Event Coordinator for Realms Deep

0:00 – Introductions

9:00 – Ty talks about how he got into the game industry

13:30 – Ty expounds on what a Game Producer is

19:00 – Ty talks about his favorite game and why its Doom 1 and Doom 2

28:00 – Ty gives some recommendations for Doom mods (Eviternity), and Quake mods (Double Jump with Smile Scythe maps) eventually branching into mods and technology

45:00 – Ty talks about the game that made him want to get into the industry

01:10:00 – We talk about what Ty does outside of gaming

01:16:00 – We talk wrestling

01:25:00 – Closing time

Check out Stellar Valkyrie on Twitter at https://twitter.com/SpaceBirdGame or on Steam at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1693350/Stellar_Valkyrie/

Check out Call of Saregnar on Twitter at https://twitter.com/CallOfSaregnar or on Steam at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1174510/Call_of_Saregnar/

Check out Combustion on Steam at https://store.steampowered.com/app/2145090/Combustion/ and Kingpin Reloaded on Steam at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1224700/Kingpin_Reloaded/

Check Ty out on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ty_brannan