Episode 063 – Conversation with Sam Prebble, Maker of Turbo Overkill

In this episode I speak with Sam Prebble developer at Trigger Happy Interactive, maker of Turbo Overkill

0:00 Start

8:30 How Sam got into development

16:00 Words of wisdom from experiences

22:30 Game that made Sam want to get into development

24:30 Why its Doom

27:30 Parental failings

34:45 Favorite game and why

39:00 On the topic of Stalker

47:15 Hobbies outside of games

58:00 Where to find more info about Turbo Overkill and Sam

1:01:30 Chainsaw Man?

1:06:00 Wrap up

Check out Turbo Overkill on Steam at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1328350/Turbo_Overkill/

Join the Discord at https://discord.com/invite/22xvVZg

Follow Sam and Turbo Overkill on Twitter at https://twitter.com/turbo_overkill