Episode 077 – Conversation with Vince Miller – 3D Realms Brand Manager

Hey Link here, thanks for joining me for episode 77 where I speak with Vince Miller, also known as Vince Steel, brand manager at 3D Realms where we talk about the standard questions such as  their journey into the industry, words of wisdom from their experiences, the game that made them want to be part of the industry, their favorite trend over the last few years, and their life outside of work. We also talk about what exactly a brand manager is, and the game they’d make if they were given the chance.

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0:00 Intro & What a brand manager is

17:30 How Vince got into the industry

30:30 Words of Wisdom from their experiences

43:30 Game that made Vince want to get into the industry

01:13:30 Hobbies outside of work

01:30:30 Wrap 1

01:40:30 Games they’d make if they lead the charge

01:49:00 Favorite trend over the last few years

01:52:30 Wrap 2 Electric Boogaloo

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