Episode 080 – Conversation with Sound Designer Emily Meo

Hey Link here, thanks for joining me for episode 80 where I speak with Emily Meo. In this episode we talk about how she got into the industry and some words of wisdom from her experiences, the games that made her want to make games, her favorite games, and what makes gaming enjoyable to them. We also talk about her hobbies outside of gaming, and her 2023 game of the year.

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0:00 Start

8:00 How she got into making games and words of wisdom from her experiences

33:30 Games that made her want to make games

41:00 Favorite Games

45:00 What makes gaming enjoyable to her

50:00 Hobbies outside of gaming

57:00 2023 GOTY

01:01:00 Wrap 2 Electric Boogaloo

01:02:30 Closing Time

Check out Emily on Bandcamp via https://emilyemeo.bandcamp.com/
Or via her socials!