Episode 085 – Conversation with Splash Damage Tech Design Director Giuseppe Navarria

Hey Link here, thanks for joining me for episode 85 where I speak with Giuseppe Navarria where we talk about how they got into making games, words of wisdom from their experiences, the games that made them want to be in the industry, their favorite games, their opinion on the current state of games preservation, their life outside of gaming, and some lightning round questions.

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0:00 Start

10:30 How they got into making games

22:00 Words of wisdom

31:30 Games that made them want to make games

41:00 Favorite games

47:30 Current state of game preservation

1:00:30 Hobbies outside of gaming

01:18:30 Lighting Round

01:21:00 Closing Time

01:27:00 Wrap

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