Episode 37 – Conversation with David Bocek, Sr.Game Designer at Gravity Well, prev Apex Legends and Destiny 2

In this episode I speak with David Bocek, Senior Game Designer at Gravity Well and previously worked on Apex Legends and Destiny 2

Start – 3:00 – Introductions

3:00 – 20:30 – David talks more about what he did as a weapon designer at Respawn while working on Apex Legends

20:30 – 31:00 – We talk about how David got into the industry and any advice he can share based on his experiences so far

31:00 – 37:15 – We talk about why David’s favorite childhood games included Silent Hill 2, the Zelda series, Mario series, as well as horror-genre games. Which eventually lead to online shooters being what set him on the path to wanting to work on shooters.

37:15 – 39:30 – We talk about what it is about gaming that David enjoys

39:30 – 47:00 – We talk about the concept of flow state and what games David can feel that in

47:00 – 59:00 – We talk about what David does outside of gaming… Which often includes more video games. We also discuss what kind of comfort games David enjoys to relax

59:00 – End – Wrap up

Check David out on Twitter https://twitter.com/AmusedApricot

Check out the studio David works at Gravity Well on Twitter https://twitter.com/gravitywell

David occasionally streams on Twitch, check him out there at https://www.twitch.tv/Amused_Apricot

As David suggested, everyone should check out the Moss devs, Polyarc, on Twitter https://twitter.com/polyarcgames