Episode 2 – Conversation with Tom Beardsmore @Coatsink

In this conversation I speak with Tom Beardsmore, co-founder of the development studio and publisher, Coatsink.

We discuss where and how Coatsink got its start, starting out as a mobile game developer, finding time to play games with a family and sometimes the sacrifices we have to make to do so. As well as other topics.

If you’ve never played any games developed or published by Coatsink, I highly recommend it. They have a variety of games you can read more about on their website, however two of their more recent games, Cake Bash and PHOGS, are both great games that are both fun and enjoyable and I can’t help but recommend them enough.

You can find more information about Coatsink via the information below:

Website: https://coatsink.com/

Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook @Coatsink

And you can also find more information about Tom by checking out his Twitter @WhyAlwaysMad