Episode 40 – Conversation with Stephen Frost, Head of Production at Digital Eclipse

In this episode, I speak with Stephen Frost, head of production at Digital Eclipse, formerly Senior editor at PSM, and formerly producer at Sega.

Start – 17:00 – Intro and how they got into the industry

17:00 – 25:30 – Stephen shares some advice based on his experiences for those that might be looking to get into the industry

28:30 – 43:00 – We talk about Stephens favorite game(s) from his younger years. Starting with the Sierra games and other point and click/adventure style games, leading to platformers and action adventure platformers from the N64-era in his high-school days. Eventually leading to the fighters of his later high-school and college years.

43:00 – 48:00 – We talk about what it is that Stephen finds enjoyable about games

48:00 – 58:00 – We talk about what kind of things Stephen does and enjoys outside of making and playing games.

58:00 – 1:27:00 – We drift into talking about Digital Eclipse does

1:27:00 – End – Wrap up

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