Episode 5 – Conversation with Rich Vreeland @DisasterPeace

So it seems I hit some more technical issues, however this time they are on my end! I have a small echo that seems to come and go – I believe these are related to the recording method and hopefully I am able to correct them for the future episodes! Live and learn haha

In this episode I speak with Rich Vreeland, and as his website bio says, “ties the name Disasterpeace to the things he sends into the sonic ether. Disasterpeace has over 50 albums to its credit, in addition to having designed, scored and programmed sound and music related things in a number of mediums including games, film, television and theatre. Rich is particularly interested in creative novelty and lives in Los Angeles.

We discuss many things, such as how he got his start, advice on how others can get into this field from his own experiences, and how pushing forward regardless of how out of your element you are can lead to good things.

From his start doing music on a role playing wrestling forum, to finding and getting involved in the TigSource forums. How he came to enjoying game music, what he liked, and spending way too much time for my mental sanity talking about Marble Madness. As well as the kind of newer/current game music he is enjoying.

We also touch on despite how easily accessible the gaming market is, it also creates a situation where it’s difficult to find a game to enjoy as you’re inundated with so many options (And how this isn’t unique to games, but most entertainment medians).

We also talk about his views on social media and how he chooses to interact with it and how it works best for him, and a certain game he can’t quite get into.

You can learn more about Rich by checking out his website below, and I strongly encourage everyone to do so –