Episode 1 – Conversation with Michael Brown @Boneloaf

With the first episode of The Red Tunic Podcast, I had a conversation with Michael, one of the three brothers behind the Boneloaf development team and Gang Beasts.

Episode 1 via Anchor

In this conversation we discuss how Gang Beasts came to be, some of Michael’s favorite games, some wild “show” ideas for Gang Beasts, and how Michael finds DOTA2 is a good way for him to relax.

However, one of the most important things I think Michael touches on is that we need to remember developers are people too, just trying to create what they feel is best for their game and that just because the product they are making is meant to be enjoyed, shouldn’t create an atmosphere where we allow toxicity to bleed out when we aren’t happy with some of their changes. Basically, we’re all people and we have to be kind to each other, especially when the product is meant to bring joy and happiness.

If you have never played, or really heard of Gang Beasts, I encourage everyone to look into it. It is a great party game that never ceases to amuse me, and I recommend everyone check out their Twitter to see some of the wild GIFs they post up just to give an idea of what fun can come.

You can find more information about Gang Beasts via the information below

Website: http://gangbeasts.game

Twitter, Instagram & Facebook: @gangbeasts & @boneloaf

You can read about upcoming updates that will apply to at https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/285900