Episode 21 – Conversation with level designer Marc-Andre Hetu Reflector

In this episode I speak with Marc-Andre Hetu, a level designer that has worked on many games, that has worked on Marvel Avengers as well as the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy and is now currently for Reflector Studios out of Montreal

Start – 3:45 – Introductions

3:45 – 12:30 – I ask Marc-Andre to explain level design to me, and those that might not really fully understand it as well as his views on it, why he enjoys it, and what he aims to do with it.

12:30 – 16:30 – Marc-Andre talks about how he got into level design and working on games and advice he might be able to share based on his experiences

16:30 – 23:30 – We discuss Marc’s favorite video game from when he was younger, and we spend some time discussing that game.

23:30 – 29:00 – I ask Marc if there is a more recent game he’s played that has absolutely wow’d him for it’s level design and what game that might be

29:00 – 31:15 – We talk about what makes gaming enjoyable to Marc

31:15 – 42:30 – We talk about Marc’s favorite role playing game

37:45 – 37:45 – I ask Marc if there are any level design things he sees that he isn’t a fan of and we discuss what those are and why he feels they aren’t the greatest

42:30 – 47:45 – I ask Marc if there is any level design things he sees that he really enjoys and thinks works well

47:45 – 52:45 – I ask Marc what his comfort game is and what he can always play and feel good playing

52:45 – 56:45 – I turn the floor over to Marc and he shares some recommendations on how to find/pick some games and suggests people look into indie games

56:45 – End – Wrap up

You can see more of what Marc-Andre has worked on by viewing him on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/marc-andre-hetu-366a0915/

Learn more about Reflector by checking them out at https://www.reflectorentertainment.com/

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