Episode 56 – Conversation with Dante Douglas, Creative Advisor at Riot games

In this episode I speak with Dante Douglas, Creative Advisor in the IP Strategy team at Riot Games, as well a writer and developer that has contributed to games such as Get in the Car Loser, and personal projects like Nightbloom, Solitary Spacecraft, and Space Wolf Tango

0:00 – Start

1:30 – What a “Creative Advisor in the IP Strategy team” exactly is

21:30 – How Dante got into the industry

24:00 – Words of wisdom

30:00 – The game that made Dante want to get into games

42:15 – What Dante enjoys about games

56:00 – Interests outside of games

1:17:00 – Graphic Novels and manga

1:28:00 – Recommendations & Where to find

1:30:15 – Top games of 2022

1:33:00 – Closing

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