Episode 3 – Conversation with Matt Dabrowski @madguy90

In this conversation, I speak with Matt Dabrowski, creator of Streets of Rogue, a top down rogue-like that provides a near endless amount combinations and a hilarious amount of freedom to play however you want.

We discuss where Matt got his start making games on the proto-Unreal engine, as well as starting his gaming journey with FPS titles like Wolfenstein and Doom… Interesting food for thought, but it’s never the mothers that bought their kids Doom, it was always the fathers. As well as the evolution of the arcade/boomer shooter genre, point and click and adventure game.

We also touch on why Matt wanted to make a rogue-like game that he describes as an immersive sim rogue like. Matt also makes a very good point that investigating the market when making a game, that knowing the current market and what is going to be well received and potentially successful. As well as what to potentially look forward to in his next game.

If you have never played Streets of Rogue before, it is highly recommended and can be enjoyed alone or with friends.

You can find more information for Streets of Rogue via the information below:

Website: Streets of Rogue

And can follow Matt at @madguy90 on Twitter