Episode 61 – A conversation with Philip Tibitoski; Co-Founder & President at Young Horses

In this episode I speak with Philip Tibitoski, co-founder and president at Young Horses developers of the Octodad series and Bugsnax

0:00 Intro

14:30 How Philip got into making games

21:30 Words of wisdom

28:30 Why Ocarina of Time got him into making games

35:30 Favorite games

43:40 Concept of game-feel

46:30 Hobbies outside of games

55:00 Last words and where to find Philip

Find out where you can get Bugsnax at https://bugsnax.com/

Find out where you can get Octodad at https://octodad.com/

Check out Young Horses on Twitter at https://twitter.com/YoungHorses

Follow Philip on Twitter at https://twitter.com/PTibz