Episode 31 – Conversation with Airdorf, DreadXP contributor, horror developer, and developer of FAITH

In this episode I speak with Airdorf, horror game developer, and currently developing the upcoming FAITH trilogy

Start – 03:30 – Introductions

03:30 – 25:30 – I talk to Airdorf about how and why he got into making horror video games as well as video games in general

25:30 – 33:00 – Airdorf gives some indie dev advice based on his own experiences.

33:00 – 46:00 – We start talking about the internet and how its changed since we’ve started using it.

46:00 – 54:00 – We talk about why Links Awakening was Airdorf’s favourite game as a child

54:00 – 01:07:31 – We talk about what Airdorf does outside of playing and making games and transition into talking about horror games.

01:07:31 – End – Wrap-up

Check Airdorf out on Twitter to keep up to date with them and their game https://twitter.com/airdorf

Check out New Blood Interactive, the upcoming FAITH publisher on Twitter at https://twitter.com/newblood

Try the demo and check out the FAITH store page on Steam at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1179080/FAITH_The_Unholy_Trinity/

Feel free to reach out to Airdorf at his e-mail (Listen to the ending to around 01:08:30. Want to protect against bots)