Episode 29 – Conversation with Lu Nascimento, art-director and co founder at BunnyHug

In this episode I speak with Lu Nascimento, art director and co-founder at BunnyHug

Start – 8:00 – Introductions

8:00 – 27:30 – We talk about how Lu got into working on games and what advice she may give to those seeking to get into the field based on her experiences.

27:30 – 38:00 – We talk about Lu’s favourite game as a child and why it was her favourite game. This inevitably leads to talking about Pokemon and Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons.

38:00 – 45:00 – We talk about what Lu’s comfort game is, and what it is that makes it her comfort game.

45:00 – 58:00 – We talk about how Lu enjoys gaming now and what makes those games enjoyable

58:00 – End – Wrap Up

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