Episode 27 – Conversation with Akabaka, developer of Chromatose and Sucker For Love: First Date

In this episode I speak with Akabaka, developer of the upcoming visual-novel style games Chromatose and Sucker For Love: First Date

Start – 9:30 – Intro

9:30 – 14:30 We talk about how Akabaka got into developing games and advice he might be able to share based on his experiences

14:30 – 24:45 – We talk about Akabaka’s favorite game as a child and why

24:45 – 34:30 – We talk about how Akabaka enjoys gaming now and what makes gaming enjoyable now

34:30 – 40:30 – We talk about what it is they enjoy about Hideo Kajima games

41:00 – 54:30 – We talk about what game Akabaka enjoys but doesn’t think got enough credit

54:30 – 1:04:30 – We talk about what kind of game Akabaka would like to make if given the opportunity

1:04:30 – End – Wrap up

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