Episode 55 – Conversation with Rittz, currently working on Electrokinetic

In this episode I speak with Rittz, currently working on Electrokinetic and previously smaller titles like Death Roll Frenzy, Blazing Dynamo, and Stratosphere

0:00 – Start

1:30 – Who Rittz is and current projects

38:30 – Words of wisdom

48:30 – Favorite game

1:08:00 Life outside of games

1:30:00 Wrap up

Check out Rittz on Twitter at https://twitter.com/rittzler

Check out Rittz’s itch.io page for their smaller projects at https://rittzler.itch.io/

Join Rittz’s Discord community at https://discord.com/invite/Mny2HfNMrT

Check out Rittz on Tumblr at https://rittzler.tumblr.com/

Check out Electrokinetic on Steam at https://store.steampowered.com/app/2166730/Electrokinetic/

Check out the recommended title Vernal Edge https://store.steampowered.com/app/1546710/Vernal_Edge/

Check out the recommended Jamphibian at https://twitter.com/jamphibian_game

Check out the recommended DoubleShake at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1445190/DoubleShake/ or https://twitter.com/rightstickdev

Check out the recommended Big Catch at https://store.steampowered.com/app/2146290/The_Big_Catch/

Check out the recommended Arbiter at https://arbitergame.ca/

Episode 54 – Conversation with Nix, currently making Silent Santicado

In this episode I speak with Nix, designer and director at VA Studios currently working on Silent Santicado

0:00 Intro

5:45 Silent Santicado

14:45 Getting into making games

17:45 Words of wisdom

29:00 Why make games

31:00 Favorite game

36:00 Favorite Castlevania/Igavania

39:00 Game Nix enjoyed as a child, that doesn’t hold up today

44:30 What makes games enjoyable to Nix today

51:00 Hobbies outside of gaming – We talkin’ anime

01:03:30 Wrap up

Check Nix out on Twitter at https://twitter.com/NixPixGames

Check out/Wishlist Silent Santicado on Steam at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1287930/Silent_Santicado/

Episode 53 – Conversation with Riv, currently making Pepper Grinder.

In this episode I speak with Riv of Ahr Ech studios, developer of the upcoming game Pepper Grinder currently set to be released sometime in 2023 and published by Devolver Digital.

0:00 Intro

11:00 How Riv got into making games

26:00 Words of wisdom from their experiences

30:30 The game that made Riv want to make games

35:30 What makes gaming enjoyable to Riv

51:00 Non-Gaming hobbies

1:05:30 Wrap up

Check out Riv on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Ahr_Ech

Check out Riv on Cohost at https://cohost.org/Ahr-Ech

Check out Pepper Grinder on Steam at https://store.steampowered.com/app/2076580/Pepper_Grinder/

Episode 52 – Conversation with Michael Long, CEO of Foolish Mortals

In this episode I speak with CEO of Foolish Mortals, Michael Long, creators of MMM: Murder Most Misfortunate, Lazer Cops, Radio General, and Kaiju Wars

0:00 – Intro

09:30 – How Michael got into making games and words of wisdom

18:00 – The game that made Michael want to get into the industry

22:00 – Favorite game(s)

27:45 – What Michael enjoys about gaming

30:00 – Strategy game recommendations

33:00 – Hobbies outside of gaming

36:00 – Game that Michael feels deserves more attention and the importance of those first 10 reviews

43:00 – Wrap

Check out the Foolish Mortals discord at https://discord.gg/vGPBFft

Join the Foolish Mortals mail list at http://www.foolish-mortals.net/radiogeneral

Check out the Foolish Mortals Twitter at https://twitter.com/foolish_m_games

Check out the entire Foolish Mortals Steam catalogue at https://store.steampowered.com/publisher/foolishmortals/#browse

Check out Kaiju Wars on the Nintendo Switch at https://www.nintendo.com/en-ca/store/products/kaiju-wars-switch/ or on the Play Station Store at https://store.playstation.com/en-us/concept/10005040 or on the XBox Store at https://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/store/kaiju-wars/9nf41qzpcgzp

Episode 050 – Conversation with Zahid Ali Jeelani; Combat Designer at Ninja Theory and solo developer of ENENRA

In this episode I speak with Zahid Ali Jeelani, combat designer at Ninja Theory and solo developer of the upcoming ENENRA game

0:00 Intro


7:00 Getting into making games

16:30 Words of wisdom

21:30 Game that inspired them to get into the industry

34:45 What makes enjoyable

44:00 Comfort game

53:30 Hobbies outside of gaming

55:00 Game that doesn’t get enough credit

58:00 – Wrap up

Check out Zahid on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ZahidAliJeelani

Check out ENENRA on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ENENRAgame

Check out Stephen making Sword Symphony on Twitter at https://twitter.com/stephen_ddungu and https://twitter.com/SWORDOFSYMPHONY

Check out Ace Animation and their game Ai-Kode on Twitter at https://twitter.com/AIKODEgame

Check out Astrum Sensei on Twitter at https://twitter.com/AstrumSensei

Check out Masso on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Massoart

Check out Arisen by Ronald on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Ronlikethegust

Check out Allure’s webpage at https://www.alluremanga.com/

Episode 39 – Conversation with Jason Mojica, part of the Prodeus team

In this episode I speak with Jason Mojica, part of the two man team working on the upcoming Prodeus game, formerly a level designer at Irrational Games and Raven Soft. Contributor to Black Out Club and Pay Day 2.

Start – 17:30 – Intro and talking about Prodeus

17:30 – 32:30 – Jason talks about how he got into making games, and what advice he might share based on his experiences

32:30 – 45:15 – We talk about what Jason’s favorite game[s] as a child were.

45:15 – 53:00 – We talk about what Jason does outside of gaming and what other kinds of things he enjoys doing.

53:00 – End – Wrap up

Check out Jason on Twitter at https://twitter.com/generalvivi

Check out Prodeus on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ProdeusGame

Check out the Prodeus website at https://www.prodeusgame.com/website/index.php

Grab Prodeus on Steam at https://store.steampowered.com/app/964800/Prodeus/

Episode 38 – Conversation with Rubeki, creator of upcoming Lorn’s Lure

In this episode I speak with Rubeki, developer of the upcoming Lorn’s Lure, and previously Kill The K.O.T.H, DUE, Hatch, and Hollow Head.

Start – 4:45 – Intro

4:45 – 26:00 – Rubeki talks about how he got into the industry and what advice he might give to those looking to get into making games

26:00 – 39:45 – We talk about why Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time is Rubeki’s favorite childhood game. As well as other games such as Mario 64, Resident Evil 2, and Jet Force Gemini.

39:45 – 45:30 – We talk about what Rubeki enjoys in games, and what makes them enjoyable to him

45:30 – 50:00 – We talk about what Rubeki does outside of making and playing games.

50:00 – 58:30 – We talk a little more about Rubeki’s games

58:30 – End – Wrap Up

Check Rubeki out on Twitter at https://twitter.com/_rubeki

Check out the Lorn’s Lure demo at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1417930/Lorns_Lure/

Want to support Rubeki through his development? Check out his Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/rubeki

You can also join his Discord via https://discord.com/invite/dQj9DUD

You can also check out his website at https://rubeki.com/ and his Itch IO page at https://rubeki.itch.io/

Episode 36 – Aaron Clark, co-founder Glove Box Games, creators of Beard Blade

In this episode I speak with Aaron Clark, co-founder of Glove Box Games, creators of Beard Blade

Start – 3:45 – Intro

3:45 – 10:30 – Aaron answers how and why they landed on a magical beard wielding protagonist named Branson

10:30 – 18:15 – I ask Aaron about the current climate of educational games

18:15 – 30:25 – We talk about how Aaron got into making games, and what kind of advice he can share based on his experience

30:25 – 51:30 – We talk about Aarons favorite game, Super Mario World, and why. We then float through a bunch of other games that Aaron enjoyed and I ask about whether he ever played any of the SNES Capcom games due to his art reminding me of their fantastic designs

51:30 – 54:30 – We talk about what makes gaming enjoyable to Aaron

54:30 – 1:01:00 – We talk about what Aaron enjoys doing outside of playing and making games

1:01:00 – End – Wrap Up

Check Beard Blade out on their Steam page at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1546940/Beard_Blade/

Check Beard Blade out on Twitter at https://twitter.com/BeardBladeGame or check out Glove Box Games on Twitter at https://twitter.com/gloveboxgames

Check Aaron out on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ac2Dart

For you hold outs, you can also check them out on Tumblr at https://beardbladegame.tumblr.com/

Check out their Instagram at www.instagram.com/beardbladegame/

Episode 35 – Conversation with Bruno Beaudoin, creator of Nightmare Reaper at Blazing Bit Games

In this episode I speak with Bruno Beaudoin from Blazing Bit Games, creator of Nightmare Reaper

Start – 6:45 – Intro

6:45 – 16:00 – We talk about how Bruno got into the gaming industry

16:00 – 31:00 – We talk about Bruno’s favorite game as a child, Blood. As well as his revisiting of an old favorite Daggerfall.

31:00 – 37:30 – We talk about what it is that make games enjoyable to Bruno

37:30 – 47:30 – Bruno talks about kind of games he enjoys or plays to relax such as Subnautica and Vampire Masquerade

47:30 – 53:00 – We talk about what Bruno likes to do outside of playing and making games

53:00 – End – Wrap Up

Check Nightmare Reaper out on Steam at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1051690/Nightmare_Reaper/

Check out Nightmare Reaper on Twitter at https://twitter.com/NightmareReape4

Check out Nightmare Reaper on the GOG store at https://www.gog.com/en/game/nightmare_reaper

Join the official Discord at https://discord.gg/u2pdcGY

Episode 33 – Conversation with Chandana Ekanayake – Co-founder and creative director of Outerloop Games; makers of Falcon Age and Thirsty Suitors

In this episode I speak with Chandana Ekanayake; Co-Founder, studio and creator director of Outerloop Games and makers of Falcon Age and the upcoming Thirsty Suitors

Start – 06:45 – Intro

06:45 – 16:30 – Chandana talks about how he got into the industry via architecture digital renders/modelling and getting his start at Bethesda

16:30 – 27:00 – Chandana talks about why Metroid and Legend of Zelda were his favorite games as a child, moving on to how the Lucasarts Full Throttle game inspired him to want to get into making games. We jump off of there while talking about other enjoyed games and genres.

27:00 – 35:00 – We talk about what Chandana enjoys about games now.

35:00 – 53:00 – We talk about what Chandana enjoys doing outside of playing/making video games. Coaching sports with his kids, wine tasting, and anime (We spend a lot of time talking about anime…)

53:00 – End – We talk a little more about the upcoming game Thirsty Suitors prior to wrapping up

Check Chandana out on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Ekanaut

Check out Outerloop Games on Twitter at https://twitter.com/outerloopgames

Check out Falcon Age on Steam at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1075080/Falcon_Age/ or via their site with more info on where you can purchase it at https://www.falconage.com/

Wishlist Thirsty Suitors on Steam at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1617220/Thirsty_Suitors/