Episode 39 – Conversation with Jason Mojica, part of the Prodeus team

In this episode I speak with Jason Mojica, part of the two man team working on the upcoming Prodeus game, formerly a level designer at Irrational Games and Raven Soft. Contributor to Black Out Club and Pay Day 2.

Start – 17:30 – Intro and talking about Prodeus

17:30 – 32:30 – Jason talks about how he got into making games, and what advice he might share based on his experiences

32:30 – 45:15 – We talk about what Jason’s favorite game[s] as a child were.

45:15 – 53:00 – We talk about what Jason does outside of gaming and what other kinds of things he enjoys doing.

53:00 – End – Wrap up

Check out Jason on Twitter at https://twitter.com/generalvivi

Check out Prodeus on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ProdeusGame

Check out the Prodeus website at https://www.prodeusgame.com/website/index.php

Grab Prodeus on Steam at https://store.steampowered.com/app/964800/Prodeus/