Episode 38 – Conversation with Rubeki, creator of upcoming Lorn’s Lure

In this episode I speak with Rubeki, developer of the upcoming Lorn’s Lure, and previously Kill The K.O.T.H, DUE, Hatch, and Hollow Head.

Start – 4:45 – Intro

4:45 – 26:00 – Rubeki talks about how he got into the industry and what advice he might give to those looking to get into making games

26:00 – 39:45 – We talk about why Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time is Rubeki’s favorite childhood game. As well as other games such as Mario 64, Resident Evil 2, and Jet Force Gemini.

39:45 – 45:30 – We talk about what Rubeki enjoys in games, and what makes them enjoyable to him

45:30 – 50:00 – We talk about what Rubeki does outside of making and playing games.

50:00 – 58:30 – We talk a little more about Rubeki’s games

58:30 – End – Wrap Up

Check Rubeki out on Twitter at https://twitter.com/_rubeki

Check out the Lorn’s Lure demo at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1417930/Lorns_Lure/

Want to support Rubeki through his development? Check out his Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/rubeki

You can also join his Discord via https://discord.com/invite/dQj9DUD

You can also check out his website at https://rubeki.com/ and his Itch IO page at https://rubeki.itch.io/