Episode 045 – Conversation with David Jalbert, creator of upcoming game Extraneum.

In this episode I speak with David Jalbert, creator of the upcoming first person shooter Extraneum currently available in Early Access.

0:00 Intro

3:00 The distinct style/aesthetic of Extraneum

15:00 Getting into making games and wisdom to share

29:30 Favorite childhood games

34:30 Games that don’t hold up today

47:00 Favorite recent trend

53:00 Relaxing game talk

58:15 Non-Gaming hobbies

1:04:15 Where to find more about David and Extraneum

01:06:45 Trendy games that didn’t click with David

01:12:45 Wrap Up

Check David out on Twitter at https://twitter.com/DavidJayIndie

Check out Extraneum on Steam at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1999140/Extraneum/ it also has a demo