Episode 15 – Conversation with Ducky Dev, John Szymanski @Ducky_Szymanski

In this episode I speak with John Szymanski, developer of Rubber Ducky, Kyle is Famous, Charlotte’s Exile (As part of the Dread X Collection), and currently working on MFN and EvoMorphs.

Start – 1:30 – Introduction

1:30 – 5:45 – John and I discuss odd jobs, and odd questions.

5:45 – 12:30 – We discuss Kyle is Famous and, basically, why it exists. As well as it’s sequel/complete version has in store.

12:30 – 28:30 – We discuss what got John into making games and advice from his experiences he might have to share with others looking to get into the field.

28:30 – 38:30 – We discuss John’s favorite video games and as a child and what they were and branch into a discussion about point and click games such as Myst.

38:30 – 46:30 – We discuss what makes gaming enjoyable to John and whether gaming as a family played any part of it

46:30 – End – I turn the floor over to John where we discuss some of his other projects in brief, specifically Evomorphs a tactics based monster collecting game, and his currently untitled MFN game that is better left to check out his Twitter for more information on.

Check out the below links for information about John and what his projects are

Check John out on Twitter at twitter.com/Ducky_Szymanski

Check out the game John and Evan are working on, Evomorphs https://twitter.com/evomorphs

Join the Evomorphs Discord to learn more about it’s devlopment and chat with others about Evomorphs http://discord.gg/TPNFGCd

Episode 14 – Conversation with game developer Kira @Stylish_Kira

In this episode I speak with Kira, developer and founder at Kira, developer of Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion, Lost in Vivo, and contributor to the DreadXP series and maker of Uktena 64!

00:00 – 1:30 – Introduction

1:30 – 9:00 – We talk about what made Kira land on the horror genre and why they feel it is easy to them, what they enjoy about the genre, what they think makes a good horror game/movie

9:00 -14:30 – We talk about what got Kira into making games and advice they might give to those based on their experiences.

14:30 – 15:30 – We talk about Kira’s favorite childhood game(s), and what it was about them that they enjoyed.

15:30 – 20:15 – We talk about what makes games enjoyable now

20:15 – 26:30 – We talk about horror games and how they view the genre as a whole currently.

26:30 – 30:00 – We talk about current favorite and enjoyed games

30:00 – 31:45 – We continue the discussion about tactics games

31:45 – 34:00 – We talk about popular games that just didn’t really click for them

34:00 – 36:15 – We talk about other games that Kira will typically be able to enjoy no matter how many times they’ve played it

36:15 – 45:00 – We talk about a game they feel might not have been given as much credit as it deserves as well as Metroid/Igavania games, branching into difficult games.

45:00 – 47:45 – We talk about gaming trends they have been enjoying

47:45 – 50:00 – We talk Resident Evil

50:00 – 58:30 – I turn the floor over to Kira and we wrap things up

58:30 – End – Closing

Find out more about what Kira does at https://www.kira-llc.com

Check out their Twitter to keep up to date on what they do https://twitter.com/Stylish_Kira