Episode 20 – Conversation with indie game developer @GammaFoxTBG

In this episode I speak with indie game developer and constant Game Jam jammer GammeFoxTBG

Start – 4:00 – Introductions

4:00 – 13:00 – Gamma talks about the game jam scene and how he got into it as well as the games he has worked on and the approach to them

13:00 – 26:30 – We talk about Gamma’s favourite game as a child and what it was about that game they enjoyed, transitioning into discussing playing games with friends and how they are enjoyed, and other games they enjoy while also having a love hate relationship with them.

26:30 – 36:00 – We talk about what makes games enjoyable to Gamma and shift into discussing the joy that can come from solving an open ended problem in games like Factorio

36:00 – 42:15 – We discuss what kind of games Gamma is enjoying currently and what he likes about Rogue-Likes

42:15 – 57:30 – We talk about the Game Jam scene and why they enjoys participating in them and why they feel they are important to look into

57:30 – End – Wrap up with some words of encouragement from Gamma

To learn more about Gamma, check out his twitter @GammaFoxTBG

To check out some of Gamma’s games, check out his itch page gammafoxtbg.itch.io

Or alternatively you can check out their webpage for more information about them gammafoxtbg.com

Check out the below itch io links to learn more about Gamma’s collaborators





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