Episode 23 – Conversation with Joseph Gribbin, maker of Grapple Dog

In this episode I speak with Joseph Gribbin, an indie developer that has worked on such games as Magnibox, Turn Undead 2, Spike City, and is currently working on Grapple Dog.

Start – 2:00 – Introductions

2:00 – 15:00 – We talk about how Joseph got into making games, and then stray into discussing imposter syndrome and how it can be dealt with. We then get to talking about how you should take pride in the work you create even if it’s not a huge success.

15:00 – 22:30 – Joseph shares some advice for those looking to get into the industry based off of his experiences, and just experience in general and how not all paths look the same and all examples and advice can be valid

22:30 – 39:00 – We talk about what Joseph’s favorite game when he was younger and why

39:00 – 47:30 – We talk about what makes gaming enjoyable to Joseph, with the conversation shifting to indie-studios and games.

47:30 – 55:30 – We spend some time talking about Joseph’s upcoming game Grapple Dog.

55:30 – 1:15:00 – I turn the floor over to Joseph and we talk about platformers

1:15:00 – End – Wrap Up

Learn more about Joseph by checking him out on Twitter at https://twitter.com/JoGribbin

Check out Grapple Dog on Steam at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1345860/Grapple_Dog/

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