Episode 6 – Conversation with Oscar Brittain @moomoomang

In this episode I speak with Oscar Brittain, one of the developers at Henry’s House, currently working on the storefront management game Kardboard King’s.

In this conversation, we discuss what kind of game Kardboard King’s is and what the intentions behind it were, and how they were trying to recapture the feeling of going to the card shop as a kid and getting to enjoy that feeling.

We discuss how a surgery lead to him discovering video games, and then how getting laid off from his job lead him down a path of going back to school and then inevitably to him deciding to just go for it and take the plunge to try and make a video game.

Oscar also had a unique approach to learning to make games by focusing more on learning good design principles before trying to make something.

We also talk about how Oscar enjoys games can be completely unique and deliver a new and surprising experience, and how games, such as Ubisoft games, can deliver exactly what you expect and how those can create a juxtaposition to entirely different games and help you appreciate new and different elements all the more. With Oscar also not playing a lot of games when he was younger, he shares how playing older games is always surprising to see what great ideas older games were able to deliver on, and what older game ideas are still present today.

You can find more information about Henrys House and their projects below:

Kardboard King’s on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1298480/Kardboard_Kings/

Nanomon Virtual Pet on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1498060/Nanomon_Virtual_Pet/

Henry’s House Twitter @HenrysHouseAU

Oscar Brittain’s Twitter @moomoomang