Episode 41 – Conversation with Thomas Altenburger, game director at Flying Oak Games, makers of Scourge Bringer and NeuroVoider

In this episode I speak with Thomas Altenburger, game director at Flying Oak Games, creators of Scourge Bringer, and Neuro Voider.

Start – 08:45 – Intro and a discussion of game feel

08:45 – 22:15 – We talk about how and why Thomas got into making games and advice he can share to those looking to get into the industry based on his own experiences

22:15 – 32:45 – We talk about Thomas’s first introduction to gaming and what kind of games he enjoyed with his favorite game from that era being Super Metroid.

32:45 – 45:40 – We talk about what Thomas finds enjoyable about gaming

45:40 – 53:00 – Thomas discusses non-gaming related hobby and pineapple pizza.

53:00 – End – Wrap up

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