Episode 22 – Conversation with Benjamin Rivers, co-owner of BancyCo

In this episode I speak with Benjamin Rivers, a developer with his wife under the studio BancyCo, makers of games such as Home, Alone With You, and Worse Than Death based out of Toronto, Canada

Start – 5:00 – Introductions and the Toronto game dev scene

5:00 – 19:00 – We talk about how Benjamin got into game development as well as their experiences getting their first game onto Steam and any advice he could offer to those looking to get into it based on his experiences

19:00 – 28:30 – We talk about Benjamin’s comics (Or more specifically manga) and his love for them and how they have influenced him.

28:30 – 35:15 – We talk more about manga and what series Benjamin might recommend to people

35:15 – 42:30 – We talk about Benjamin’s favorite game when he was younger

42:30 – 50:00 – We discuss what Benjamin enjoys with games

50:00 – 57:15 – We talk about Benjamin’s favorite comfort games

57:15 – 1:03:15 – We talk about Act Raiser’s new remake being announced

1:03:15 – End – Wrap Up

To learn more about what Benjamin Rivers and BancyCo is up to, check out their Linktree at https://linktr.ee/BenjaminRivers

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