Episode 24 – Conversation with Jason Smith, Cultic developer

In this episode I speak with Jason Smith, solo developer of the currently in-development retro-shooter Cultic. Being published by 3DRealms with a demo currently available on Steam.

Start – 7:00 – Introductions, and talking about Cultic and being published with 3D Realms

7:00 – 11:30 – We talk about Jason’s childhood and playing violent video games as a child that, like most from the core Melennial group, definitely should not have been playing.

11:30 – 26:45 – We talk about how Jason got into development and making video games and advice he can share based on his experiences.

26:45 – 32:45 – We talk about Jason’s two current favorite games

32:45 – 38:30 – We talk about Jason’s favorite games when they were younger/their favorite games of all time

38:30 – 41:00 – We talk about what Jason’s comfort games are and what makes them a comfort game

41:00 – 46:45 – We talk Minecraft

46:45 – 1:09:30 – We talk popular games that just didn’t click with Jason

1:09:30 – 1:27:15 – We talk about hard games as a casual player and his game, Cultic.

1:27:15 – 1:46:00 – We discuss Jason’s favorite trends in gaming, with a little bit of VR talk as well

1:46:00 – Wind down and closing

Follow Jason on Twitter to learn more about him and his game Cultic at https://twitter.com/JasozzGames

Checkout and wishlist the game on Steam at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1684930/CULTIC/

Checkout the Cultic publisher, 3D Realms, on Twitter at https://twitter.com/3DRealms

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