Episode 9 – Conversation with @Awesreek

In this episode I speak with Awesreek, one of the lead developers/creators of Viscerafest. A first person shooter where you play as Caroline, a mercenary taking on a bounty so she can afford an engagement ring to propose to her boyfriend Athens.

Going to try the descriptions a little differently this time, and instead of trying to write it all out and risk not doing it enough justice (And at risk of bumping against character limits haha), I’m going to refer to the times and a little broader description of those times.

(2:15 – 9:45) In this conversation we discuss how he got into game development and advice he can give for other developers based on his experiences and what he might suggest not to do.

(9:45 – 16:00) We talk about some of his favourite games (And show) when he was younger and how he enjoyed the Battlefield series

(16:15 – 19:00) We touch on games, and tv shows, that didn’t age as well as they could have. Especially kids shows and licensed tie ins.

(19:00 – 28:30) We go back to discussing the kinds of games he played when he was younger and how he remembers and feels about those games looking back on it, and how some older games seem to hold up better due to the scope of what they were trying to do when met with the limitations of the technology at the time.

(28:30 – 43:30) We shift to discussing current favourite games with that primarily being Doom Eternal and begin discussing Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal. Awesreek shares his opinions on what he feels Doom 2016 did, and didn’t execute well and how he feels these things were improved upon in the next entry in the series.

(43:30 – 48:45) We then talk about a game called Powerslave also known as Exhumed which he feels is an rather unknown and older first person shooter.

(48:45 – 58:00) I ask about his view on the games fandom and how creators are able to interact with its fans, and how he interacts with his lively and active Discord server.

58:00 – 01:xx:xx) We wrap it up with Awesreek making sure everyone knows where they can find more information

To learn more about Viscerafest, or to join the Discord server, check out the links below

Join the Viscerafest Discord by clicking following this link : discord.gg/E2pUkxe

To get updates on the game, sneak peaks, or pictures of Awesreek’s cat follow his Twitter @Awesreek

Be sure to check out the games Steam Page to follow and wishlist it!